Adjustable height

The range of 35-40 centimetres lets adjust the height settings in the front and in the back of the bicycle.

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Natural Suspension

Your Brum Brum will keep you safe from boo-boos as it has excellent natural suspension.

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Lustrous disks of the Brum Brum protect the fingers of its pilots and dazzle every onlooker.

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  • 1 Lightweight 12’ duralumin “finger-safe” alloy wheels, custom-designed for Brum Brum. The design is adapted to the concept of the bike and its safety features.
  • 2 Wheel base tehnology allowing for variable height adjusment to customize the ride to grow with your child! Patented.
  • 3 Bicycle steering with a limiter which decreases risk of jack-knifing accidents.
  • 4 Puncture-proof tubless tires specifically manufactured for Brum Brum, makes day to day use of the bike easier with no maintanance.
  • 5 A unique example of fuctional eco-design; the frame as well as the shock absorber of the bike, which ensures a spine-neutral position when riding. Made of high quality birch and oak plywood to ensure high durability and optimal softness of the ride.

Yukito Inoue from Japan

Me and my wife is surprised that your product is very High-profile, really. Many people look back the bike and some people said "Kawaii (japanese for "lovable", "cute", or "adorable")", "nice" or "snazz"!

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A’ Design Award

A' Design Competition is proud to see that the baby products work BRUM BRUM Bikes has been honored with the renowned A' Design Award in Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Category.

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