Brum Brum bike | Future of balance bikes

Extra joy and safety
The U-shaped plywood frame absorbs any kind of shock during an exciting ride. This protects your kid ́s spine exceptional well and builds up an overall safe feeling. This comfort increases joy and trust, letting your kid focus on learning to balance more naturally and fast. The maximum supported weight is 45kg. In case the limit is exceeded the frame will touch the tire. This acts as a security system and prevents the bike from getting damaged.

Premium touch and stunning look
The frame is made of high-quality Latvian birch plywood. The country might be small but the knowledge of woodwork is exceptional. Our craftsmen select every part carefully and the manufacturing process involves only health cer-tied materials. Your Brum Brum balance bike got a durable oak nish, making it suitable for all weather conditions. All this gives the bike its natural touch and beautiful look.

Additional safety features will let you relax, while your little ones discover the world

Present endless freedom to your kid
Stay calm while the bike takes care of your kid. It surely helps to know that the steering system is limited to a 45° steering angle. This decreases the risk of jack-kning incidents to a minimum while keeping mobility at a maximum. Your little ones can easily turn on the spot and avoid every obstacle they may encounter on their path. Discovering the world this way is safe and makes super fun.

Additional safety features
The bike got nger safe, solid duralumin discs without spokes. Preventing curious little ngers and feet from getting stuck in. The tubeless tires will spare you from punctures and there will be no need to re-inate them.

Brum Brum is so easy to assemble - your kid could do it

Easy assembling saves your time

The bike is hold together by only one construction screw, this makes assembling super easy. Trust us, everyone can do it. It`s to turn the fork into position, tighten the screw that sits already in place and slight the front wheel on – ready to go. This single screw reduces maintenance and error rate of the whole balance bike to a minimum.

• Assembling time: 0 - 3min.

Your kid grows, so does the bike

The innovative height adjustment system is especially designed for Brum Brum. While one is changing the height, the wheelbase changes proportionally as well. This lets the bike literally grow with your kid. Three dierent positions at the front and back fork oer you to adjust step-over heights from 12.5 to 20 inch. This mainly suits kids from 2 to 5 years. The specially invented system allows you to do all of it without tools at any moment. So even friends and siblings can jump on for a quick ride.

• Seat height / step-over height:
small: 12.5" | medium:14" | large: 16"
• Wheelbase:
small: 19" | medium: 21.5" | large: 24"

Recommendation: If your kid is able to place its feet on the ground at the 'small' size, the bike can be used from an earlier age on.

A place to let your Brum Brum rest

Always a safe grip
Leather is like wood a breathable material and oers a beautiful comfortable touch. To choose natural grips is especially important as your kid's hands will be in touch with them at any moment riding the bike – and we believe this will happen a lot... Brooks England is well known for their quality, therefore we choose them. If wet or dry, it will be a safe grip and we wish to give our all kids only the best.

A Bike and its garage
The sustainable packaging of your Brum Brum can be transformed within a few simple steps into its own garage. While shelves provide storage to place all kind of things, a beautiful print is waiting to be colored. That ́s lots of fun, encourages artistic skills and creativity. Within no time your kid will have its unique little headquarter ready.

• BrumBox material: cardboard.